Encrypto for Windows

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A Free Encryption Program With Password Control

The Encrypto tool is free which means you and your co-workers friends and family may use it easily and freely. Encrypt the content of your communication and/or file with the tool and set a password. The recipient may enter the password and unencrypt the message for complete privacy.

A Free And Easy-To-Use Encryption App

The Encrypto app uses AES-256 encryptions that allow you to send very private messages and files to other people. The tool was primarily created for Apple devices but the software works well on Mac and Windows devices. This app was created to help people encrypt files before sending them but you do not have to send your files anywhere. You may easily encrypt your files and leave them on your computer.

Embed The Password

You do not have to send the password via email chat or SMS message you may send it to the recipient by embedding it in the file. The password is still safe because you may embed the password with hints that only the recipient may know. For example you could add hints such as the first word is your boss's name followed by your anniversary followed by your favorite prequel movie. The Encrypto tool has an advanced encryption function but the idea behind it is so simple that it is surprising nobody has thought of it before.

Encrypt files with AES-256 encryption and then send them to friends or coworkers.

AES-256 Encryption and Native Sending

Add any file to Encrypto and it will add AES-256 encryption to it. With encryption, you know your file is incredibly secure and that only the right person can access it. You can then send your encrypted files the way you usually would – but with added security.

With Encrypto, you can send encrypted files the way you usually do — No matter how you send your files, they’re protected. And when you send the file, rather than relay the password to the recipient, you include a unique, embedded password hint that only they would be able to decipher.

Plus, with Encrypto, not only can you encrypt and share files, but you can also save them to your own disk drive. Select your files, put them through Encrypto, and that’s it — they’re protected. But if you’re protecting your files, why stop at just encryption? Encrypto’s got seamless integration with Hider 2, which lets you hide your files and make them invisible to everyone — but you, of course.

Unlike its competitors, Encrypto is incredibly easy to use and beautifully designed. All you do is add a file to encrypt and then select how you want to send it. Or, if you just want to protect your files, just skip the sending altogether and save it to your disk drive. Encrypto requires no technical knowledge whatsoever, just the desire to protect your files. And it works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Encrypting and decrypting is so easy it is almost effortless
  • It will never mash or corrupt your files


  • Giving the password is sometimes tough even with the password hint-embedding feature
  • They need to keep updating it to work with more versions of Apple and Microsoft operating systems

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Encrypto for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.1
  • 4.2
  • (34)
  • Security Status

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